Projekttagebuch Erasmus

Our trip to Langon started at 8 o'clock at the train station in Penzberg. After taking the train to the airport of Munich, we flew to Bordeaux via Paris. At the airport in Bordeaux  the headmaster of the high school received us with a warm welcome and drove us to his school in Langon. There we were met by our friendly host families. So we immediately felt at home.

Luisa, Annika and Laura at the airport

We have been greeted by a beautiful rainbow

In the morning we went to the 'Dune de Pyla' by bus, where we played rugby and different ball games in the windy dunes. After having eaten our packed lunch we  travelled to Bordeaux by coach. The guided tour was really interesting and we discovered the city centre with  its churches ,squares, the opera house and small alleys. We even went for a little stroll along the river Garonne. We had a little free time and could explore Bordeaux on our own. As usual we spent the evening with our hosts  enjoying the French hospitality.

Arrival at the dune

Walking up the dune via stairs ...

... or straight through the sand

The delegation from Penzberg on the dune

All participants of the Erasmus+-project

We and our hosts

Playing in the sand

Exploring Bordeaux

La porte Cailhau, one of the city gates of Bordeaux

La pont de pierre, a stone bridge across the river Garonne

Our day started with a breakfast at the school in Langon. Afterwards we were shown around the school building. The tour ended in the library, where we learned some French for two hours. Now we can say something like "Je m'apelle Laura." or "J'habite en Allemagne.". After lunch we gave a presentation about our national symbols, our values and our school. We finished school at 15:15 h and so we were ready to visit the beautiful city of Langon. Then we went back to our host families.

Waiting for our presentation

Presenting Penzberg and German values

A view of Langon and the Garonne

The church of Langon


  • 26.04.2017
    11:35 - 13:00
    Vollversammlung Q12
    in Atrium
  • 27.04.2017
    mündliche Schulaufgabe Französisch 8a/8b
  • 28.04.2017
    Penzberger Mordnacht
    Ausstellungsprojekt "I have a dream" Q11 und Q12 (FS Kunst) in der Mensa
  • 28.04.2017
    11:30 - 13:00
    Vortrag "Unternehmenskommunikation"
    von Christian Lawrence (Munich Re) im Atrium für alle P-Seminare Q11
  • 29.04.2017 - 05.05.2017
    Fahrt nach Granada
    ausgewählte Schüler der Klassen 10a und 10d

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